IIS., Inc.

Intorduicung IIS Services

IIS has 1,039 registered translators in and out of the country who collectively handle 40 languages for translation, and employs a centralized control system with distributed processing. Using its own “Data Base (DB) for Translation Work Management,” IIS promotes the streamlining of general operations. IIS also operates in a consistent structure from translation to design/production and printing in cooperation with design/production operations.

Public relations activities in multiple languages are indispensable for a company to convey information to vibrant markets and to display its appeal to the numbers of people online. IIS always responds to customers’ requests in a careful and meticulous manner by taking advantage of its long-term multiple translation experience in a wide range of fields and areas. When it comes to multiple translation services, please contact IIS first.


Our translation services are classified into five key categories; “patent translation,” “science and technology translation,” “legal affairs translation,” “environment-related translation” and “general translation.”


We meet customers’ requests not only in Japanese but also in multiple languages. Beginning from design presentation and copy work to the final finishing touches or general DTP, we have won the trust of many prestigious companies inside and outside of Japan and achieved extensive design experience in corporate brochures, annual reports, CSR reports, PR magazines, catalogues, various types of operating instructions, overseas periodicals and websites.


We prepare and sell glossaries of 22 industries and types of businesses, including our “General Glossary” which contains 3.7 million words in 150 areas. Upon request, we provide services to edit and integrate in-house/on-site terms that are used and controlled discretely by each department of your company. We also help to edit and produce in-house technical standard manuals (in Japanese and another foreign language).


Although our system development service, which has been newly added to our services, is still building its staff numbers, we are entrusted with system development services centering to the area of science and technology. We aim to work on system development in business areas in the future by strengthening our manpower.

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