IIS., Inc.


East Asia: Chinese(Taiwanese/Mandarin), Mongolian, Korean
Southeast Asia: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malayan, Thai, Tagalog
West Asia: Punjab, Nepalese, Beng, Uldou, Tamel
Europe: English, German, Walloon, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, flemish(Belgium)
Northern Europe: Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian
East Europe: Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Czech
Middle & Near East: Persian, Arabic, Hebrew
Mediterranean: Greek, Turkish

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Feild Classification

PATENT Prior art search, application documents, office action, reason of rejection, cited reference, opinion, written reply and intermediate action (including appeal/trial decision) in the case of domestic applications by foreign companies. Chemicals, medical products, biotechnology, machinery, electricity, electronics, semiconductors, OA, automobiles, information, communication and business models in the case of overseas applications by Japanese companies
CHEMISTRY Agricultural chemical, agricultural intermediate, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, gunpowder, explosives, Synthetic products (rubber, resin, latex), synthetic resin plastic, phenol resin,resin materials, vinyl chloride, carbon products, machining materials
PHARMACEUTICALS Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals for animals, medical instruments, agricultural chemicals, chemical products, industrial chemicals, food additives
CIVIL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Civil engineering, construction machinery,measuring (instrumentation) control equipment, environmental equipment, pollution control, oil pressure equipment,control devices, industrial machinery, atomic power equipment, industrial plants,Environmental airconditioning, heating, cooling & water supply, water disposal,electrical work,Electric generation & transformation, atomic energy,Contract documents, written standards, inspection reports, reports, handling instructions
MACHINERY Transmission, conductive equipment, heat exchangers, fuel for internal combustion engines, jet device, carburetors, fuel pump diesel engines (high-speed engines for electric generator), car parts, Metal(processing, fabrication)machinery, precision machine tool, grinding machine (plane, inner), industrial robot, construction machinery, agricultural machinery
ELECTRICITY Household electric appliances, electronic parts, audio equipment, electric wave & electronic equipment, electronic office equipment, electronic equipment materials, CATV-related equipment, Heavy electric plant apparatus, control equipment, motors, electromagnetic clutch brake, electric generator & tranformer, silicone rectifiers,electric tool
Contract documents (trading, technical, joint venture, assistance, labor affairs.), memorandum, tender documents, certificates, written guarantee, Laws & ordinances, precedents, court documents, Patent, utility models, written answer for examination, bibliography
Reports (business, accounting), investigation materials, Press releases, publicity materials, articles, TV, radio, catalogues, leaflets, pamphlets

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